Karl Marx light
- a public discussion object, air sculpture, mimicry sculpture
- inflatable balloon with shiny gold outer foil,
- ca 150kg,
- H x L x B = 9 m x 4,5m x 3,2 m

created as part of the exhibition marking the 150th anniversary of the publication of the book "Das Kapital" in Hamburg.

Karl Marx is prescribed a diet, weight loss without losing his good figure is the motto of the sculpture.
Instead of the 40 tons of the original in Chemnitz (formerly Karl Marx Stadt), the imitation now weighs only around 150 kg.

With ease and a brilliant appearance, Marx's ideas should be transformed into the present.


The artistic work of Hannes Langeder deals with the topic of mimicry - a term from biology.
Mimicry - the art of deception through imitation should help to create an evolutionary advantage, for example not to be eaten by your enemies or to be able to reproduce better.
(The simplest example is a fly disguised as a wasp)